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Essential Checks During a Motorbike Service

Maintaining your motorcycle’s performance, safety, and longevity requires routine motorbike servicing. Whether you ride your bike frequently or not, you may avoid costly repairs and unanticipated breakdowns by having it thoroughly inspected during servicing. Here’s a thorough look at all the necessary inspections that need to be done when servicing a motorbike in Singapore.

Filter and Engine Oil

The health of your motorcycle is largely dependent on the engine oil and filter. The level and condition of the engine oil should be examined during servicing. It is time to replace the oil if it is filthy or has lost its viscosity. To guarantee that the engine operates smoothly and effectively, the oil filter should also be changed. An engine’s lifespan can be increased by reducing friction and wear on its parts with the use of fresh filters and clean oil.


For any motorcyclist, brake safety is crucial. The braking fluid, discs, and pads should all be carefully examined during a service. Replace worn-out brake pads to keep your stopping power functional. It is necessary to inspect the brake discs for excessive wear or warping. The amount of the brake fluid should also be examined and, if needed, topped off. To guarantee optimal braking function, replace the fluid if it looks contaminated or hasn’t been changed in a while.

Wheels and Tyres

Wheels and tyres are essential to your motorcycle’s handling and safety. Tyres should have their tread depth, wear, and damage checked during servicing. It is important to check and adjust tyre pressure to the recommended values specified by the manufacturer. Properly inflated tyres guarantee improved handling, fuel economy, and tyre longevity. It’s important to look for any damage or misalignment on the wheels, as these could compromise the bike’s stability.

Sprockets and Chain

The transfer of power requires the chain and sprockets. A motorbike service should include a tension and lubrication check of the chain. An excessively tight or loose chain might result in excessive wear or even chain failure. Chain lubrication lowers friction and increases chain life. In addition, the sprockets need to be checked for wear and changed if the teeth are damaged or worn.

Electrical System

The electrical system on a motorcycle is intricate and essential to its functioning. The wiring, lighting, and battery all need to be carefully inspected during servicing. It is important to verify that the battery is charged to its fullest capacity and that all connections are tight and tidy. Test all of the lights, such as the brake, indicator, and headlights, to ensure that they are working properly. Any damaged wiring or connections should be fixed or replaced to prevent electrical failures.


The suspension system influences your motorcycle’s handling and comfort. During a service, the front forks and rear shock absorbers ought to be checked for leaks or damage. It is advisable to examine and modify the suspension settings based on your own riding style and weight. A well-operating suspension system guarantees improved control and a more comfortable ride.

Radiator and Coolant

The quality and quantity of coolant in a motorcycle’s liquid cooling system are vital. The coolant should be inspected and replenished as needed during servicing. Checking for leaks or obstructions in the hoses and radiator is recommended. Maintaining the cooling system’s functionality helps avoid overheating and possible engine damage.

Air Filter

Dust and other debris are kept out of the engine by the air filter. The air filter needs to be inspected, cleaned, and replaced as needed during servicing. The engine’s airflow is maximised with a clean air filter, which enhances performance and fuel economy.


Maintaining your motorcycle in top condition requires regular servicing, which includes these important inspections. You may have a more dependable and safe ride by making sure that the electrical system, suspension, coolant, air filter, brakes, tyres, chain, and sprockets are all properly inspected and maintained. Regular servicing not only increases the efficiency of your bike but also lengthens its lifespan, giving you many more happy kilometres of riding. Making these maintenances a priority will keep your motorbike operating smoothly and effectively, keeping you prepared for any road ahead.

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